Today 30th August 2019, Nepali people all around the world is celebrating traditional Father's Day. Kushe Aunsi (no Moon Day) is a Father's Day festival and is also known as Gokarna Aunsi.

Nepali Hindu people is celebrating Kushe Aunsi today by bringing Kush, a holy grass into their house which is used during every types of Pujas or Yagyas. The holy grass Kush is an essential part of Hinduism Rituals, without Kush is is impossible to do Puja/Yagyas. This holy grass 'Kush' which is widely available from low lands to the hills are cut down on every Kushe Aunsi during morning facing to East by the family priests. Hence, this day is called Kushe Aunsi.  The importance of Kush is too explained in Shreemad Bhagwat Gita, Vishnu Puran, Arthaved, and Garud Puran. These Kush brought to home on today is used all the year long.

Today Nepali people pay their homage to their father with delicious foods, clothes, presents and other father's favorite stuff. Today on the street we can see married daughters with goodies making their way to their maternal home to meet their father no matter of their busy schedule and spend quality time with their fathers.. Those whose father is dead, they go to nearby Shiva Temple to perform Sharddha.